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Sony announced a new LCD Touchscreen supporting Multi-Touch

With the success of the Apple iPhone, it seems no electronics company can bring out new portable devices without a touch screen interface. The new touch screens have to support of course multi-touch.

The new Sony LCD Touchscreen uses a low-temperature polysilicon thin film transistor TFT process technology based on optical sensor arrays.

The current prototype display is 3.5 inch in size and has a resolution of 640 x RGB x 480 pixels. The optical touch sensor array supports up to 5 points. Finger and stylus input is supported.

More info : Sony Press Release (Japanese).

An optical sensor system in stylus input to achieve touchscreen feature integrated mobile low-temperature polysilicon LCDs for development

Sony Corporation (Sony) is a function of the touch panel LCD panel built low-temperature polysilicon liquid crystal display has been developed. This display is a low-temperature polysilicon thin film transistor TFT process technology based on optical sensor array can be formed simultaneously, external touch is needed, and multiple finger or stylus-operated by the characters and can enter the picture NARIMASHI hoop.

Sony, LCD driver circuit and power supply circuit and display glass substrate formed on a “SHISUTEMUONGURASU” such as low-temperature polysilicon TFT characteristics of a good account technology to actively develop the mobile liquid crystal display products to go ‘m here. The further evolution of this technology and optical sensor and readout circuit formed on a glass substrate in the operation of the excellent features integrated LCD touch panel system.

In recent years, the touch panel is mobile phones, music players, game machines, video cameras and other mobile products in an intuitive user interface as the operation is possible, with the progress. The conventional type of resistance and capacitance of the LCD touch panel on the paste must be the set design and increased thickness decreased degree of freedom, and quality deterioration (resistance) and other issues.

Sony has developed this feature integrated touch panel display for the low-temperature polysilicon thin-film transistor liquid crystal cell technology for use in an optical sensor to form for the traditional touch of the flat-screen set of challenges, the quality and degree of design freedom to improve possible. In addition, the design optimization of optical sensors and signal processing technology to develop the same time, and a light sensor, the signal S/N to improve success. As a result, the outside light and the display image to minimize the impact, and the fingers and by the stylus to achieve stable operation.

Sony is the technology of the new user interface features SHITA low-temperature polysilicon LCDs for product development and market demand widely supported within the mobile liquid crystal display business further expanding there shortly.

Development of a Major Feature Article

Stylus can enter light pen, a special pen is not a simple stylus by handwritten letters and pictures can be entered in the usual pens and pencils as well as a natural taste has been written (see photo).

Fingers point of contact for multiple input and soft touch input to achieve light outside influence and the display image to minimize the impact on the LCD panel on multi-point push button and the image scaling, and rotating stable finger input operation to achieve. The detection method using light sensors, touch display much input.

An optical sensor system adopted by the high quality of slimline design degree of freedom to improve optimization of optical design of the touch panel features is not the same product to achieve contrast and color reproduction. Also, the touch panel for the light sensor in the liquid crystal cell formation in the liquid crystal display flat-screen and acrylic plate and liquid crystal displays can be placed on the degree of design freedom.

Products developed in the main specification
Item Work like
Screen size: 3.5-inch
Display pixels (H × V): 640 x RGB x 480 pixels
Pixel array: Stripe
Color depth: Color 16.77 million color transmission
Touch Panel Function: Finger-type 5-point to possible
stylus input is possible