DreamConnect 3 untuk Sony Ericsson G700 dan G900

Posted: 25 February 2008 in News, Sony Ericsson, Symbian UIQ
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G700 dan G900 adalah “keluarga” baru dari jajaran smartphone dengan sistem operasi Symbian UIQ3 dari Sony Ericsson. Dibandingkan dengan smartphone dari seri lainnya (M , P dan W), maka kedua seri G ini memiliki ukuran layar paling kecil, yaitu hanya 2,4 inch, sementara seri lainnya memiliki ukuran layar 2,6 dan 2,8 inch.

Oleh karena itu, DreamSpring sebagai pengembang software/aplikasi untuk aplikasi berbasis Symbian, telah mengembangkan aplikasi contact management khusus untuk G700 dan G900, yaitu DreamConnect 3 (pengembangan dari versi sebelumnya, DreamConnect 3 untuk layar touchscreen berukuran 2.6 inch, yang dapat digunakan pada M600, W950, W960, dan P1). DreamConnect 3 versi layar touchscreen berukuran 2.4 inch ini juga sudah diperbarui agar mendukung finger-tip control yang menjadi salah satu ciri khas dari UI yang terdapat pada G700 dan G900.

Berikut adalah informasi lengkap yang diambil dari Sony Ericsson Developer World :

DreamSpring specialize in the development of Symbian OS-based applications and have adapted their successful contact management application, DreamConnect 3, for the smaller 2.4 inch touchscreens of Sony Ericsson’s new G700 and G900 UIQ 3-based phones.


The G700 and G900 take touchscreen functionality to mainstream market segments so UIQ 3 applications need to be “compact touch friendly” with simplified UIs. DreamSpring share some of the changes they made in modifying DreamConnect 3‘s UI for compact-touch and finger-tip control.

DreamSpring and DreamConnect 3

“From the very beginning, DreamConnect 3 was designed with usability in mind,” explains Malcolm Lithgow, Managing Director of DreamSpring.

“With unique and powerful features, DreamConnect 3 solves many of the weaknesses in the standard built-in Contacts. It exploits the full capabilities of the UIQ platform.”

DreamSpring’s focus is on the user experience and the demand for a more streamlined interface. The goal for DreamConnect 3 version 3.6 was to allow end-users to find and manipulate information with just their fingers, disposing of any need for a stylus.

Designing for Smaller Screens

Limited screen real estate is always a challenge, yet with careful design, DreamSpring was able to improve usability by exploiting the UIQ 3 touchscreen interface.

This was largely done by the addition of on-screen buttons providing access to key features, and a redesign of the contact list layout and size to accommodate finger navigation without compromising the amount of information displayed.

DreamSpring was able to increase the size of contacts and add on-screen buttons without compromising usability because of their unique fast filter, which allows the end-user to dynamically filter their contacts list down to a very small, easily viewed range.

DreamConnect 3 for larger, 2.6 inch screens

Two screenshots of DreamConnect 3 v3.6 for smaller 2.4 inch screens

Reducing Screen Taps

Between them, the features mentioned above allow DreamConnect 3 to work with less than 50% of the screen taps required by standard Contacts for almost all common operations, while still supporting a much larger feature set.

Touchscreen Gesture Support

DreamConnect 3 v3.6 also provides gesture support. In the contacts list, the application recognizes a horizontal swipe on the touchscreen as a request to move to the next or previous contact detail (phone number, email address, etc.). This approach is far more finger-friendly than the (still available) alternative of tapping the tiny arrows. This provides real user benefits and a better implementation of touchscreen technology, skipping the extra step of going to another screen for the details.

“When these UI improvements are combined, it transforms the phone’s contacts management into an experience that retains the benefits of one-handed access (using the thumb for touch-screen input), while supporting the immediacy of a touch interface,” explains Malcolm Lithgow.

In Summary

“The flexibility of UIQ 3 and the power of touchscreens allow us to do amazing things,” concludes Malcolm Lithgow.

“It has been Sony Ericsson’s input that has inspired us to take DreamConnect 3 to a higher level. I am looking forward to working with Sony Ericsson more closely to create exceptional applications that encourage more uptake of touchscreen mobile phones.”

DreamConnect 3 version 3.6 will be commercially available during Q2 2008.

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