T650 Precious Gold: Handphone Sony Ericsson Termahal

Posted: 7 March 2008 in Sony Ericsson
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Type handphone Sony Ericsson manakah yang harganya paling mahal?

Apakah itu dari seri P? P990i?

P990i memang sempat dijual pada kisaran harga Rp 8-9 juta pada saat launching perdana di Indonesia. Saat itu, P990i belum tersedia di toko resmi Sony Ericsson maupun di SESC (Sony Ericsson Service Center). Tapi, entah bagaimana ceritanya, toko-toko handphone lain sudah menjual P990i dengan status bergaransi resmi Sony Ericsson Indonesia, dengan harga yang cukup jauh dari price list resmi SESC (waktu itu Rp 7.990.000,-), yaitu sekitar Rp 8 juta sampai Rp 9.5 juta (bervariasi).

Ataukah seri X, yaitu XPERIA X1 yang disebut-sebut sebagai handphone premium oleh Sony Ericsson sendiri? XPERIA X1 memang belum beredar, tetapi diperkirakan harganya tidak akan sampai Rp 10 juta, kemungkinan paling mahal akan berada di kisaran Rp 7-8 juta.

Lalu, handphone type manakah itu?

Beberapa bulan lalu, Sony Ericsson mengumumkan akan merilis Precious Gold T650. T650 edisi khusus ini memiliki paduan warna pink dan warna emas di mana bahan casing yang berwarna emas terbuat dari emas 24 karat.

Berikut ini beritanya yang diambil dari Just Another Mobile Phone Blog :

Sony Ericsson introduces a touch of luxury to its design-led range. The ultra vibrant and sassy Precious Gold T650i is a beautifully crafted object for style leaders everywhere.

The new sleek exclusive addition to the range has the same stylish attributes as its predecessors but with an opulent addition – an 24 carat gold plating that encases the screen and scratch-resistant mineral glass display making the T650i one of the ultimate luxury icons to own.

With a crisp and clear 1.9-inch screen and a variety of unique light effects that move from screen to keypad to the back of the phone in seamless waves, the 12.5 mm slim phone demonstrates exquisite attention to detail that will leave you wanting to reach out and touch the phone.

Available in Growing Green, Midnight Blue, Eclipse Black and the newly announced Precious Gold, the Sony Ericsson T650i isn’t just a stunning face; it also features intuitive light animations that appear only at special times of the year. Valentine’s Day is marked by the subtle integration of amorous hearts into the wallpaper display and come January 1, a celebratory star burst appears to welcome in the New Year; making personalization into a personal surprise.

And for style-watchers everywhere, the T650i doesn’t force you to compromise because it also boasts state-of-the-art technology such as a 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus, enhanced browsing capabilities and to ensure a great listening experience, the built-in media player incorporates the latest Bluetooth™ technology so music can be streamed in stereo directly from phone to a specially created pink and gold headset.

Elie Otaki, Marketing Manager of Sony Ericsson-Middle East and North Africa, said:
“The new Sony Ericsson T650i in Precious Gold will appeal to those who appreciate the finer things in life. Our decision to create a phone with real gold plating and rose-coloured casing evolved from a consumer’s request for a mobile that was like a piece of her jewellery – glamorous, expensive and exquisite in quality.”

A design statement which begs to be noticed, touched, held and owned – the new Sony Ericsson T650i in Precious Gold is a true object of desire.

Berikut adalah official picture Precious Gold T650 yang terdapat di website resmi Sony Ericsson :

Dan pada awal Maret minggu lalu, Jelena Jankovic, petenis wanita 10 besar dunia asal Serbia, menjadi wakil Sony Ericsson dalam peluncuran Precious Gold T650 secara resmi.

Pada situs lelang terkemuka ebay, seorang seller yang memiliki ID just_someone telah melelang Precious Gold T650 miliknya yang kemudian dimenangkan oleh seseorang yang ID-nya dirahasiakan dengan harga GBP 720 atau setara dengan US Dollar 1.445, atau sekitar Rp 13.2 juta.

Dan ini adalah foto dari Precious Gold T650 yang terjual di ebay tersebut :

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