Sony Ericsson S500 Flowers Special Limited Edition

Posted: 7 June 2008 in News, Sony Ericsson
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Baru aja beberapa jam yang lalu aku nulis tentang 2 handphone Sony Ericsson edisi khusus : Sony Ericsson Special Edition: Z770 Ducati Edition dan W760 MTV Edition, barusan dapat informasi lagi bahwa Sony Ericsson juga merilis S500 Flowers Special Limited Edition. Khusus untuk S500 edisi ini, bukan hanya casingnya saja yang dibuat berbeda – dengan desain yang sangat dikhususkan untuk kalangan wanita – tapi paket penjualannya pun diberi bonus khusus berupa kutek dan lip gloss dari Jemma Kid. Wow!!!

Berikut beritanya yang diambil dari Just Another Mobile Phone Blog.

Sony Ericsson S500 Flowers Special Limited Edition

The Sony Ericsson S500i Flowers mobile phone has a strong focus on design… but it’s not forgotten to include essential features. This slender handset has been created to grab attention, with on-screen images and lighting effects that transform it when day turns to night… or when the weekend begins. There’s also hidden illumination and a keypad that glows whenever you open it.

Slide open the S500i and you’ll reveal a 2 megapixel camera. Save your photos, send them as picture messages or publish them online by using the phone’s photo blogging software. Delve further inside the phone’s functions and you’ll find a multimedia player for music and videos, along with an expandable memory for storage. There’s a copy of Sony Ericsson’s Disc2Phone music management software in the box, making it easy for you to copy your favourite music from PC to phone. You can even move images from your phone to your computer without the need for any software, because the S500i is happy to be treated as an external disk drive.

As well as all this, the colourful S500i lets you browse the web, check your email and play games. It’s undoubtedly a natural-born entertainer.

This special S500 is also known as the Jemma Kid limited edition over in Asia and it comes bundled with Jemma Kid nail polish and lip gloss.

  1. sherin says:

    ih… lucu…ada d indonesia?

  2. lol says:

    IS IT A GOOD PHONE ????>?? i wnat to buy it 😀

  3. Toni says:

    It looks good but i wanna know if there is a slot for a memory card to go in cus it all looks really good but it does not say if there is a slot for a memory card :S Help please 😀

  4. jjlifeblog says:

    S500 does have an external memory slot for Memory Stick Micro (M2).

  5. Happy S500i user says:


    It’s a very good phone and I’m very happy I bought it!!
    it has a memory slot idd. The sound is good and the themes are very lovely.

    a happy S500i user

  6. steph says:

    WHERE IS IT FROM? i love it? Can you buy it anywhere in england? x x

  7. Micheal says:

    Some say that the keypad cracks after some time iis it true.

  8. kk says:

    i luv this phone im glad i got it 4 xmas hehexxxxxxx

  9. Smile says:

    I Text alott, will that effect what everyone is saying about the buttons cracking?

  10. Amber x says:


    i got this phone in august (L) it :DD:D
    Its got evrythinn All my friend are jelous lmao oh well yay me 🙂 x

  11. jjlifeblog says:

    @Amber x
    Congratulations on your new phone..

  12. lozza says:

    i am thinking about getting this phone soon is it true the buttons crack and can some people give me advice on if it has a memory card slot and also what features it has that are good and can it store alot of music without a memory card? fanx plz write bak

  13. Becca says:

    I want this phone but it is out of stock everywhere! where can i buy this phone now? Is it a good phone and can you store pictures , music and other stuff on the phone without a memory card….. Write bak plz 🙂 x

  14. Jess says:

    Does anyone know where to get this phone not on contract and a low price?

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