7 Accessories Handphone Terbaru dari Sony Ericsson

Posted: 23 July 2008 in Music, News, Sony Ericsson, Walkman
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Bersamaan dengan peluncuran 3 handphone seri Walkman terbaru – W902, W595, dan W302 – pada tanggal 22 Juli 2008 yang lalu, dalam rangka merayakan 3 tahun keberadaan seri Walkman, Sony Ericsson juga mengumumkan 7 (tujuh) buah accessories handphone baru yang kesemuanya berkaitan dengan musik.

Berikut petikan berita dari Sony Ericsson Press Release :

Sony Ericsson delivers the ultimate music experience with an enhanced range of accessories

22 July 2008

Listening to music has never been easier following the launch of Sony Ericsson’s latest range of music accessories. With innovative wireless music solutions and premium quality headsets that enhance the Sony Ericsson clear audio experience, the new range offers you something no matter how and where you want to listen to music!

London, July 22 – Sony Ericsson knows how important music is to everyday life and has delivered a brand new range of accessories that are smart, innovative and convenient for any music situation.

Today the market-leader in music phones has unveiled three new sets of speakers, the MBS-200, MBS-400 and MPS-100, to help music lovers go beyond the individual and play music directly from their mobile phone. Enhancing its music accessories collection Sony Ericsson has also introduced three new stereo headphones, HBH-IS800, HPM-88 and HPM-66 for the optimal listening experience.

“Sharing music and experiencing high quality sound is a fundamental human desire.” said Jacob Sten, Head of the Accessories Division at Sony Ericsson, “Whether you are in the car, at a party or listening to the radio at work, music is around us all the time. We have designed our new range to ensure users get great performance with extensive listening time, crystal clear sound and sophisticated design that suits the needs of music fans everywhere. Our accessories ensure that people have an optimal experience however they choose to listen to music.”

Premium wireless music

If you’re after music wherever you go, free your music with powerful sound from the MBS-200 wireless portable speaker. Stream music from your mobile phone via Bluetooth™ which then mutes if you receive a phone call. No cords, no hassle and no complicated set ups – just breathtaking design and great music for all to enjoy.

For those who want a more powerful sound, the MBS-400 comes with two speakers and allows you to experience high-quality stereo sound wherever you are.

Free your music

Wireless music has never looked better with the HBH-IS800 wireless stereo headphones. Made up of sleek headphones and a short cable that give you the freedom to listen to music and answer calls discretely, this Bluetooth™ beauty is the smallest headset of its type on the market and a benchmark for the industry. The stylish and compact headset rests discretely on your neck and boasts a top of the range audio performance.

Clear audio experience

For those who want to bring the music but leave the noise, the HPM-88 noise cancelling headphones allows you to listen to music without background noise, reducing outside sound by up to 75 per cent. Using Sony technology, this is the first noise cancelling mobile phone headset on the market that is powered by the phone itself.

When combined with a compatible Sony Ericsson phone, clear audio allows you to listen to music as it was meant to be heard.

Enhanced range

  • The new affordable MPS-100 builds on the success of the very first and best-selling portable speaker, the iconic MPS-60, giving impressive sound from mini-speakers that plug into your phone for ultra-portable sound wherever you are.
  • The Active, behind the ear, stereo headphones HPM-66 allows you to get active with your music. Convenient and easy to use these comfortable and stable headphones will help you go that extra mile.
  • Want to protect your phone? Keep your Sony Ericsson Walkman™ phone safe with a new stylish phone case, IPC-40, which is available in two colours.

With this new range of accessories Sony Ericsson looks beyond the individual and continues to let you experience music on your mobile.

The Wireless Portable Speaker MBS-200 will be available in selected markets from Q4 2008.

The Wireless Stereo Speaker MBS-400 will be available in selected markets from Q4 2008.

The Portable Speakers MPS-100 will be available in selected markets from Q4 2008.

The Wireless Stereo Headphones HBH-IS800 will be available in selected markets from Q4 2008.

The Noise Cancelling Headphones HPM-88 will be available in selected markets from Q4 2008.

The Active Stereo Headphones HPM-66 will be available in selected markets from Q4 2008.

The Phone Case IPC-40 will be available in selected markets from Q4 2008.

Photo-photo dari ketujuh accessories musik baru Sony Ericsson

Wireless Portable Speaker MBS-200

Wireless Stereo Speaker MBS-400

Portable Speakers MPS-100

Wireless Stereo Headphones HBH-IS800

Noise Cancelling Headphones HPM-88

Active Stereo Headphones HPM-66

Phone Case IPC-40


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