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Dari Sony Ericsson Press Release :

Consortium Established to Develop and Promote Close Proximity Wireless Technology “TransferJet”

17 July 2008

Tokyo, July 17, 2008 – Sony Corporation, Canon Inc., Eastman Kodak Company, Hitachi Ltd., Victor Company of Japan, KDDI Corporation, Kenwood Corporation, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (Panasonic), Nikon Corporation, Olympus Imaging Corporation, Pioneer Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Seiko Epson Corporation, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, Toshiba Corporation today announced an agreement to form a consortium to develop specifications for interconnecting products using “TransferJet” a new interoperable wireless transfer technology that enables rapid transfer of high resolution video, music and images. The “TransferJet Consortium” ( plans to promote a wide range of products and services incorporating TransferJet technology with the aim of accelerating its adoption throughout the consumer electronics industry.

TransferJet wireless technology enables a high speed data transmission rate of 560Mbps, while eliminating the need for complex setup and operation. Directly touching two compliant electronic products together allows files to be transferred automatically, without the need for an access point. For example, touching a TV with a digital camera enables photos to be instantaneously displayed on the TV screen. Alternatively, downloaded music content can be easily enjoyed by touching a mobile phone to a portable audio player. TransferJet can be used as a universal interface across all consumer electronics devices.

The “TransferJet Consortium” will develop specifications and guidelines ensuring interoperability between products incorporating the technology, establish licensing schemes and administer the use of the TransferJet logo. The Consortium will also promote the advantages across industries and to consumers. Through these initiatives, the Consortium will aim to create and expand the market for TransferJet products.

”TransferJet Consortium” Members ( as of July 17 2008 )

Sony Corporation (”TransferJet Consortium” Administration)
Canon Inc.
Eastman Kodak Company
Hitachi Ltd.,
Victor Company of Japan
KDDI Corporation
Kenwood Corporation
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (Panasonic)
Nikon Corporation
Olympus Imaging Corporation
Pioneer Corporation
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Seiko Epson Corporation
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications
Toshiba Corporation

Contacts for “TransferJet Consortium”

Dari Sony Ericsson Developer World :

W302, W595, W902: Three new Walkman® phones, with two supporting Java Platform 8 ( JP-8 )

On July 22, 2008, Sony Ericsson announced three new Walkman® phones – the W302, W595 and W902 – to coincide with the Walkman phone’s third birthday. Since the launch of the first Walkman phone in 2005, the W800, Sony Ericsson has sold 77 million Walkman phones to date.

The W595 and W902 Walkman phones support Sony Ericsson’s Java™ Platform 8 ( JP-8 ), based on the Mobile Services Architecture (MSA) umbrella standard (JSR 248), and this takes the number of phones in this platform family to 17. The W302 supports nine JSRs.
W302, W595 and W902 in more detail

The Sony Ericsson W302 Walkman is a quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE phone packed with features in an affordable, no-compromise slim handset. In addition to offering the Walkman player, FM radio and TrackID™ track recognition, the W302 supports a range of JSRs and includes 3D gaming with both JSR 184 and Mascot Capsule version 4.

The W302 will be available in selected markets during Q4 2008. More information and specifications here>>

The W595 Walkman is a HSPDA slider phone with music management using Shake Control and SensMe™, track discovery using TrackID and an FM radio. The W595 also includes a 320×240 pixel 262K TFT QVGA display, 40MB internal memory, extendable external memory using Memory Stick Micro™, a 3.2 megapixel camera and picture & video blogging. The W595 is based on Sony Ericsson’s Java Platform 8 ( JP-8 ) and joins the JP-8.3 sub-category.

The W595 will be available in selected markets during Q4 2008. More information and specifications here>>

The W902 Walkman is also a HSPDA phone and is designed for a true multimedia experience with superior audio quality, 5.0 megapixel camera with 16x digital zoom, picture and video blogging and track discovery using TrackID. The W902 also includes a 320×240 pixel 262K TFT QVGA display, 24 MB internal memory and extendable external memory with Memory Stick Micro. As with the W595, the W902 is based on Java Platform 8 ( JP-8 ) and joins the JP-8.3 sub-category

The W902 will be available in selected markets during Q4 2008. More information and specifications here>>