Sony Ericsson mengembangkan Zoom Automatic untuk Handphone Kamera

Posted: 4 October 2008 in Sony Ericsson
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Dari Unwired View :

Sony Ericsson is working on Automatic Zoom for it’s Cameraphones

Sony Ericsson is pretty serious about the picture quality in it’s cameraphones. They were the first to announce 8 megapixel handset this year. And now rumor has it they may be working on a 12 megapixel SE Handset for 2009.

But megapixel count is not the only thing that makes the camera in a mobile phone good. The shutter and autofocus speeds, zoom functionality and many other things are no less important. And Sony Ericsson is working to improve these things too.

Their recent patent application shows how Sony Ericsson may go about improving zoom functionality and ease of use in it’s camera phones.

The basic idea is to make zooming automatic by following the handset movement. When you move a camera away from your body, the image zooms in, as you move it back, the image zooms out.

The technology involves accelerometers and proximity sensors to measure the movement of the handset, it’s distance from your body and a software to convert the movement values into a zoom parameters.

Nothing really groundbreaking here, but the whole thing looks like a nice touch to improve the overall interface and make the process of taking pictures with cameraphones a more seamless experience.

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