Laporan Akhir Tahun LG Mobile: 100.7 Juta Ponsel Terjual Sepanjang Tahun 2008

Posted: 24 January 2009 in General, Other Mobile Phones
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Setelah Sony Ericsson yang merilis laporan akhir tahun pada tanggal 16 Januari 2008 yang lalu, kini giliran LG Electronics, dalam hal ini LG Mobile  Communication Unit, merilis laporannya.

Meskipun sempat disalip oleh Sony Ericsson pada kuartal ketiga (Q3) yang lalu, penjualan ponsel LG sepanjang tahun 2008 secara total adalah sebanyak 100.7 juta unit, yang berarti lebih banyak daripada Sony Ericsson yang hanya 96.6 juta unit.

Berbeda dengan Sony Ericsson yang mengalami penurunan jika dibandingkan dengan tahun 2007, LG justru mengalami peningkatan yang cukup pesat. Pada tahun 2007 LG hanya berhasil menjual sebanyak 80.5 juta unit. Ini berarti pada tahun 2008 ini LG mengalami kenaikan sebanyak 20.2 juta unit. Sangat impresif.

Berikut laporan lengkap yang diambil dari Just Another Mobile Phone Blog :

LG has sold 100 million phones in 2008

The company LG Electronics has announced consolidated financial results for the fourth quarter of 2008. The results of the company by sales and profits from sales at the global level, increased by 22.5 percent compared with the same period last year and reached 13.37 trillion won (9.82 billion dollars) and 101 billion won (74.16 million dollars) , respectively, set profit margins at 0.8 percent.

Mobile Communication Unit has reached sales of 4.49 trillion won (3.3 billion dollars), an increase of 34.6 per cent higher than the results of last year. In the segment of mobile phone revenue from sales amounted to 4.09 trillion won ($ 3 billion), higher at 40.3 per cent of the results of the same period last year and 16.5 percent the previous quarter. On the phone registered a growth of 8 percent over the same period last year to 25.7 million units, ensuring the result of sales of more than 100.7 million units in 2008 compared to 80.5 million units in 2007.

Sales have remained stable in Europe and Asia, despite the slowdown in economic growth. In Europe, were presented to the new model: LG Renoir KC910 (8 MP camera ophone phone), LG Cookie KP500 (phone with touchscreen) and the LG KS360 (with a QWERTY keyboard). Also, compared with the previous quarter, increased sales in India by strengthening the work in Asia. In the mobile phones unit profit margin from sales fell from 8.8 per cent, compared with the same period last year, and 11.5 per cent in the previous quarter to 5.2 percent, was due to an increase in marketing activity to minimize the residual in warehouses at the end of the year .

While the global economic slowdown, according to expectations, will continue in 2009, the business purpose of LG is growing and expanding market share through the issuance of multi-premium-class phones, smartphones and budget models.

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