Setelah W395, handphone lain yang diumumkan hari ini oleh Sony Ericsson adalah C901 Cyber-shot ™ Phone.

Sony Ericsson C901 Cyber-shot™ Phone

Announcement akan segera diterbitkan. Sampai saat ini Press Release resminya belum ada di situs Sony Ericsson, tapi gambar-gambar high quality nya udah ada beredar di esato.

Hanya tinggal menunggu waktu saja, mungkin pihak Sony Ericsson masih belum selesai meng-update situsnya untuk C901.

Berita di bawah ini diambil dari esato.

10 February 2009 by Olav Hellesø-Knutsen

The third model announced by Sony Ericsson today is the C901 Cyber-shot phone. It has a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus with Xenon flash and face detection.

The similarities with the C903 are many, as most C901 features are also found in the newly announced C903. The obvious differences are of course the form factor. C903 is a slider model, while C901 has a candy-bar form. C901 has Xenon flash for low light photography while C903 does not have light of Xenon type.

I am guessing the three entry/mid range model announcements today were done because Sony Ericsson want us to have full focus the high-end devices during the Mobile World Congress next week. Esato will of course cover the MWC highlights so watch this space

C901 Specifications

Sony Ericsson C901Camera
* 5 megapixel
* Autofocus
* Xenon flash
* Photo fix
* Smile Shutter
* Smart Contrast
* Snapfish
* Video recorder
* Video stabiliser
* Geo tagging
* Red-eye reduction
* Video calling (main camera only)

* Music formats MP3, AAC
* TrackID
* PlayNow
* MegaBass
* Bluetooth stereo (A2DP)
* Album art
* Media Player

* FM radio
* Walk Mate (step counter)
* Java
* YouTube application
* 3D games
* Motion gaming

* USB suport
* Synchronisation
* Modem
* Bluetooth
* Google Maps

* RSS reader (web feeds)
* Access NetFront web browser

* Email
* Exchange ActiveSync support
* IM (Instant messaging)

C901 will be available in selected markets from May 2009 in three colours: Noble Black, Sincere Silver and Precious Peach.

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