Sony Ericsson akan membuat Smartbook?

Posted: 12 August 2009 in Sony Ericsson
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Yup, sesuai judul, ada rumor bahwa Sony Ericsson akan memperluas portfolionya dengan memproduksi Smartbook. Smartbook adalah sejenis netbook tapi non-Intel, jadi processornya bukan menggunakan Intel Atom seperti kebanyakan netbook yang beredar saat ini. Smartbook umumnya menggunakan processor Snapdragon dari Qualcomm atau Tegra dari NVIDIA.

Gambar di bawah ini adalah contoh dari smartbook dengan Qualcomm Snapdargon, dan bukan merupakan prototype dari smartbook yang diproduksi oleh Sony Ericsson.

qualcomm snapdragon smartbook

Rumor mengenai smartbook Sony Ericsson ini diperoleh dari situs bernama SlashGear yang memuat berita berikut:

Sony Ericsson developing Smartbook claims insider

Sony Ericsson are tipped to be working on a smartbook, a non-Intel ultraportable device that would bundle high-speed wireless connectivity, lengthy battery life and a compact keyboard and display.  The news comes via NetbookNews, who have been talking to a “reliable Taiwanese source” connected to both existing smartbook developers and to upcoming manufacturers.

Details of the Sony Ericsson smartbook are unknown at present, including whether it will be built on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform as with ASUS’ Eee PC prototypes or an alternative chipset such as NVIDIA’s Tegra as used in the Mobinnova elan.  Both use an ARM core with frugal graphics and connectivity, with smartbooks based on the chips promising battery life in excess of ten hours and always-on 3G WWAN.

Berita lainnya dari Netbook News:

Sony Ericsson is working on a Smartbook

It seems like we have another global player reaching out for the smartbook market. A reliable Taiwanese source which is directly connected to a lot of smartphone- and upcoming smartbook-manufacturers told us today, that Sony-Ericsson is working on a new device, that will enter the market soon. We can’t tell right now, if it will be based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform or any other “non x86″ developments, but we can tell one thing for sure: Intel is getting quite some competition pretty soon!

Due to the information we gathered during the last Computex Show in Taipei, ARM, Freescale and Qualcomm will agressively enter this market of mobile and affordable devices by the end of this year. Sony-Ericsson will be (like Acer f.e.) another big brand to join them for this new product class. With their record of building mobile- and smartphones, this could be one of the most interesting and anticipated new devices.

Right now we can’t tell you how this solution will look like but the Sony Vaio P has already inspired Elitegroup to build their ECS T800 Smartbook and so we are expecting something similar:


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