EISA Awards 2009: W995 (Music Phone), E75 (Business Phone), iPhone 3GS (Smartphone), Omnia HD (Camera Phone)

Posted: 18 August 2009 in A200, Entertainment, General, Movies, Music, News, Nokia, Other Mobile Phones, Slider, Sony Ericsson, Video, Walkman

Setelah tahun lalu Sony Ericsson W980 menyabet penghargaan EISA Awards 2008-2009 untuk kategori Best Music Phone, tahun ini Sony Ericsson kembali berjaya pada kategori yang sama. Tentu saja penghargaan ini jatuh pada flag ship music phone Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman yang merupakan handphone Walkman pada kelas paling tinggi yang dimiliki Sony Ericsson saat ini.

Nampaknya untuk bidang musik, handphone dari Sony Ericsson masih bisa unjuk gigi di tengah persaingan yang sangat ketat akhir2 ini. Berbeda dengan kategori kamera, penghargaan di bidang imaging terakhir dan satu-satunya diperoleh oleh K750i yang merupakan handphone berkamera 2 megapixel pertama. Setelah Sony Ericsson memberikan label Cyber-shot pada imaging phone-nya sejak K800i, ironisnya perusahaan ini tidak pernah lagi memperoleh penghargaan di bidang kamera. K800i memang mendapatkan award dari GSM Association, tapi bukan khusus untuk imaging melainkan sebagai Best 3GSM Phone pada tahun 2005.

Untuk kategori Best Camera Phone, EISA award tahun ini memilih Samsung i8910 Omnia HD sebagai pemenangnya. Agak mengherankan memang, kenapa bukan Nokia N86 atau Samsung Pixon yang memang didedikasikan sebagai camera phone oleh pembuatnya. Bagaimana dengan Sony Ericsson? Nampaknya sejak persaingan di resolusi 5 megapixel, kualitas kamera dari Sony Ericsson kalah bersaing dengan merk lain terutama Nokia dan Samsung. Sekali lagi, sangat ironis karena label Cyber-shot tidak menjamin kualitas yang superior.

Untuk kategori Business Phone, Nokia berjaya dengan Nokia E75. Pilihan yang tepat kurasa, karena E75 memberikan pilihan metode input yang beragam dengan adanya keypad konvensional dan juga QWERTY.

Yang agak mengherankan adalah untuk kategori Smartphone. EISA memberikan penghargaannya untuk iPhone 3GS, padahal seperti banyak diketahui OS yang dimiliki iPhone sangat terbatas. Seharusnya smartphone dengan Windows Mobile seperti produksi HTC atau Symbian dari Nokia dengan N97 sebagai flagship N-series-nyalah yang memenangkan penghargaan ini.

Apa atau siapakah EISA itu? Kalimat berikut dikutip dari situsnya: http://www.eisa.eu/

EISA is the unique association of 50 special interest magazines from 19 European countries. Internationally known for the European EISA Awards, EISA started in 1982 when the editors-in-chief from five European photo magazines came together to select “The Camera of the Year” for the first time. They had no idea that out of this meeting EISA – the European Imaging and Sound Association – would emerge some years later. This historic moment took place in 1989 after another 10 photo magazines had joined the group in the meanwhile.

Later on another two panels where developed inside EISA, the Video Panel and the Audio Panel. Following the natural evolution from pure audio to multichannel entertainment this latest panel gave origin later on to the Audio/HT Panel. It was only several years later, in 2002, that the joining together of several magazines from EISA that were making coverage of the Mobile Electronics area and several other magazines belonging to the then extinguished ECAP association gave origin to the In-Car Electronics Panel.

Daftar penghargaan selengkapnya untuk kategori Mobile Device:

Mobile Devices Panel Awards 2009-2010

European Music Phone 2009-2010 -> Sony Ericsson W995

This device targets the multimedia enthusiasts by making it easy to access and playback audio and video media. The W995 is featuring a 2.6 inch display of 240×320 pixels resolution – enough to give the user a sufficient viewing experience. The phone includes include a music player, Walkman v4.0, with shake control, mini jack input for your favourite earphones and wireless Wi-Fi. Additional features include: a camera of 8.1 megapixels, a LED flash, a geo-tagging and an image stabilizer. With the new Media Go application, it’s incredibly easy to organize and transfer your music and movies to the W995’s internal 118MB memory or to M2 memory card (an 8GB is included). This phone even works as a DLNA server, so you can view photos or listen to music on compatible devices. Finally, there’s a neat kickstand for table use.

European Netbook 2009-2010 -> ASUS Eee PC 1008HA Seashell

The rounded corners and the glossy surfaces define the ‘Seashell’ style of the ASUS Eee PC 1008HA. The unit is slim and light and very easy to carry. The 10 inch LED-backlight wide display of 1024×600 pixels is one the largest in its category. The device is powered by the Intel Atom N280 processor, the very best in the field and it’s pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows XP Home and Microsoft Works. The netbook also includes: 1GB DDR2 RAM, 160GB SATA HDD and 10GB Eee storage on the web. Effective connectivity is ensured as it comes with WLAN 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1, 2 x USB 2.0, LAN, and an audio mini jack. If you want to have the most powerful netbook, and the most fashionable one, the ASUS Eee PC 1008HA Seashell is your best choice.

European Business Phone 2009-2010 -> Nokia E75

Extremely well-designed for the busy mobile user, this device fulfils all communication needs, providing email, messaging, call management and Internet browsing. The E75 combines GPS navigation and Wi-Fi connectivity with easy email set-up and a wide variety of protocols for data transfer, while a side-slide full-QWERTY keyboard allows fast typing. With a 2.4 inch screen and a 3.2MP camera, the E75 comes with a 50MB built-in memory and has a slot for microSD memory cards, which is hot-swappable and give up to 16GB of data storage. There is a mini jack audio output for earphones. With its robust build quality and long battery life, the Nokia E75 is perfectly suited to professional users’ demands.

European Personal Media Player 2009-2010-> Sony Walkman NWZ-X1050/1060

Looking like a monolith until it’s awakened, the NWZ-X1050 needs just one touch on its 3 inch OLED screen to bring it into action. This is the new Walkman X, the world’s first media player with noise-cancellation in-ear phones, which effectively cut background noise. Loading files on the unit is easy and transparent. Also easy is to navigate and to play them. In addition there is a Wi-Fi connection for browsing the web, for direct podcast downloading or for watching YouTube while, for example, listening to an FM radio station. The device supports a huge collection of media file formats, such as MP3, Linear PCM and AVC (H.264/AVC). Sony’s engineers have applied special audio treatments to the device such as Clear Stereo, Clear Bass and DSEE in order to improve the sound quality. In either of its two versions, 16GB (NWZ-X1050) and 32GB (NWZ-X1060), this player offers excellent sound, a beautiful GUI and very good video performance. Sony’s Walkman X is a clear EISA winner!

European Camera Phone 2009-2010 -> Samsung I8910HD

With Samsung I8910HD you get the market’s best camera mobile phone with LED flash, geo-tagging, face detection, smile shot and panorama mode. Also you get a camcorder of 720p/24fps HD quality, a web browser, an AV player and a streaming device with wireless DLNA capability. The i8910HD is fully equipped with powerful hardware to accelerate the loading time of its applications, while the operating system is the latest version of Symbian S60. The strongest point of this device is the large AMOLED touch display. Its size is 3.7 inch of 360×640 pixels resolution, which provides beautiful 3D graphics and excellent pictures and video quality. Furthermore the i8910HD offers embedded GPS navigation with maps from Route 66, compass, HD games, application widgets, 8GB/16GB internal memory, stereo speakers layout, TV-out, DivX playback and much more.

European Smartphone 2009-2010 -> Apple iPhone 3GS

Apple’s new iPhone 3GS may not look like a gigantic leap ahead from the earlier version, but it is. It’s twice as fast as the ‘old’ iPhone and its energy consumption is significantly less. Though still limited, the built-in 3MP camera has been upgraded and now comes with auto focus, while the phone’s Bluetooth capabilities are now up to the level that you’d expect from a successor product. You now can share your iPod music files via Stereo Bluetooth to your hi-fi equipment at home, or headphones, assuming that these too incorporate a Stereo Bluetooth facility. Smart functions have been upgraded as well: you can now cut, copy and paste, and MMS is possible, as well as tethering or video recording. These changes may not seem all that spectacular, but they are enough to set the Apple iPhone apart from its competitors once more.

  1. Useful post, great read anyway very interesting.

  2. iphone fan says:

    Just love the new 32gb iPhone. Ultimate gadget for me. Nice post.

  3. Raj says:

    I like Nokia E75 very much. Wish they had reduced the price a bit.

  4. Three words for this netbook: Stilysh, compact, slim. The covered ports are awesome and really makes this pc look expensive and original. Everyone in the office asks me about it because, compared to other netbooks, this one is really thin. Regarding the 2GB upgrade, you see when you run WinXP with customized desktops, antivirus & antispyware you’re pretty much about 416MB of ram. The other 584MB you can use for PPTs, (Internet Explorer, Itunes, and Outlook) and you’ll be fine. I have a friend who made the 2GB upgrade on this 1008HA and really, it doesn’t feel any faster (performance wise). Windows 7 Requires a minimum of 1GB of ram for a 32BIT, so when the final release comes out it will run perfect. I’d give 5 stars just because $385 bucks really makes it worth of the price being 1/4th of a macbook air. You won’t regret it.

  5. oled tv says:

    It doesnt get any better than this oled tv

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