make.believe: “brand image” Sony dan Sony Ericsson yang Baru – Bagian 1

Posted: 4 September 2009 in News, Sony Ericsson
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Beberapa tahun terakhir ini, hampir dapat dipastikan kita sering melihat iklan atau promosi dari Sony Ericsson yang berupa kalimat-kalimat sederhana gabungan antara kata “I”, logo Sony Ericsson, dan satu atau beberapa kata seperti contoh di bawah ini:

Ya, logo Sony Ericsson dalam iklan tersebut menggantikan kata “Love” dalam bahasa Inggris yang (dalam hal ini) berarti “Suka”.

Sebentar lagi, model iklan seperti itu − dalam hal ini Sony Ericsson menamakannya sebagai Brand Image − akan berganti rupa.

Melalui press release yang diumumkan hari ini, mengikuti penambahan variasi warna selain hijau pada logo liquid identity, Sony Ericsson memutuskan untuk mengganti brand image-nya agar lebih dekat kepada salah satu perusahaan induknya − yaitu Sony yang memiliki brand” − dengan tagline make.believe.

Berikut press release tentang hal tersebut:

Sony Ericsson realigns brand in next stage of company transformation

03 September 2009

* Evolves visual identity and brand values as next stage of business transformation
* Shifts consumer engagement to digital, viral and social media platforms
* Aligns with Sony Group companies under new ‘make.believe’ brand message

London – September 3rd, 2009 – Sony Ericsson today announced the next stage of its on-going business transformation with the realignment of its external visual identity and brand values in order to deliver its vision of becoming the Communication Entertainment brand. The company also confirmed its adoption of the newly announced Sony brand message ‘make.believe’ in all consumer communication in order to reinforce its entertainment credentials and collaboration with the Sony Group.

“Fusing communication and entertainment has been at the core of Sony Ericsson’s offering since the start of the joint venture. ‘make.believe’ aligns Sony Ericsson with the Sony Group companies and reflects the coming together of communication and entertainment. By re-aligning our brand and adopting ‘make believe’ we further highlight our entertainment offering to consumers,” said Cathy Davies, Head of Brand Strategy at Sony Ericsson.

“Our ongoing business transformation is laying the foundations for the new Sony Ericsson. Our re-aligned brand is a vital part of this strategy. Combined with a new culture of openness it marks a shift in the way we plan and build our propositions, as well as how we invite consumers to engage with us via digital and social media platforms”, said Lennard Hoornik, Head of Marketing at Sony Ericsson.

Visually, Sony Ericsson will expand the appeal of its globally recognised ‘liquid identity’ logo by adding seven new colour variations plus a new a ‘liquid energy’ flowing from the logo to make it more playful and visually appealing for the digital arena. The company also aims to adopt a more open and questioning attitude by inviting greater consumer participation in the brand through a stronger focus on interactive digital and social media channels.

A series of strategic marketing campaigns this autumn will launch the realigned visual identity and showcase the start of make.believe at Sony Ericsson, including a ‘spark something’ viral campaign for the new Satio, Aino and Yari phones and a global activation campaign as the official global handset sponsor for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ to capture the passion of football fans around the world.

Seperti apa bentuk nyata dari brand image yang baru ini? Mari kita tunggu kemunculannya.
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