Handphone Yang Bisa Melatih atau Bahkan Menakuti Anjing? Ada Gitu?

Posted: 17 October 2009 in News, Patents, Sony Ericsson
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Takut sama anjing? Gimana kalau suatu saat kamu dikejar anjing yang galaknya minta ampun dan saat itu gak ada yang bisa kamu mintai tolong?

Atau malah kamu suka banget sama anjing, punya anjing dan pengen ngelatih berbagai macam gerakan atau tindakan pada anjing tapi gak tahu caranya?

Pernah kebayang gak kalau suatu saat ada alat yang bisa menakuti anjing tapi bisa juga melatih anjing, dan alat itu berupa sebuah telepon genggam atau suka disebut handphone atau juga ponsel? Lucu kali ya.

Agak nyeleneh juga sih idenya. Entah apa yang dipikirkan oleh Sony Ericsson sehingga pada tahun 2008 yang lalu mendaftarkan sebuah paten aplikasi/software yang berbasis Java Aplet pada lembaga paten di Amerika untuk keperluan di atas itu.

Baca aja deh info lengkapnya yang diambil dari Sony Insider ini:

Sony Ericsson Patents Dog Whistle For Mobile Devices

Sony Ericsson files thousands of patents every year, and with the US patent system, it often takes a while for those patents to get accepted and published. A recently published patent by Sony Ericsson, No. PCT/US2008/076642 (filed in 2008), states that the company is interested in creating software (Java applet) that emits ultrasonic frequency signals to scare dogs/animals or assist in training. The frequency would be around 20,000 Hz +/- 2,000 Hz, which is generally inaudible to humans. Sony Ericsson states the reason behind this product is to protect the consumer.

The popularity and functional necessity of these mobile devices ensure that they are as likely to be carried on the person of their owners as are other essentials, such as house keys, wallets, handbags, and attache cases. This ready availability offers a possibility of having the mobile devices also perform functions which are outside of the communications, data retrieval, or entertainment realms, but which relate to personal safety. On such personal safety function could be the use of a mobile device as a defense against aggressive animals. In particular aggressive dogs.

Many people have a conscious fear of dogs to the extent that if they encounter a dog while walking they will detour to avoid approaching too closely. Also, increasing media reports of dogs attacking humans in pubic have raised an awareness of the danger among the public at large. Especially in respect to certain breeds of dogs which have a reputation for aggressive behavior. Coupled with this awareness is the reality that it is not unusual to see stray or unleashed dogs roaming freely in dense population areas. While in most instances there is no interaction between dog and person, there remains the possibility of interaction and, for many, the fear of attack.

The patent is very interesting, because it goes beyond just the service of delivering ear-splitting sounds to animals, and actually offers a solution to those who have been attacked. If holding down the button to generate the tone doesn’t save you, there is an option for a “Defense” button, which calls 911 (or other emergency service) with a pre-recorded message stating that you’ve been attacked and verbally says the GPS coordinates of the mobile phone.


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