Sony Ericsson BRAVIA® Phone U1

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Sony Ericsson BRAVIA® Phone U1

Halaman produk : Sony Ericsson BRAVIA® Phone U1

Water features and “Odekake transfer” to enjoy the beautiful images corresponding to the variety of situations


Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ltd. (HQ: Minato-ku, Tokyo President: Nakai Kazuo) is this time, water features, to transfer video to mobile phones from Sony’s Blu-ray Disc “Odekake transfer” corresponding to enjoy high-quality video footage and beautiful Seg BRAVIA® Phone U1 Develops, KDDI Corporation, will begin delivery to Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company.

BRAVIA® Phone U1 to-door co-developed by Sony Corporation and Sony Ericsson” Mobairuburabiaenjin “capability, you can enjoy a one-segment and the video sharp and vivid expression.

The first Sony Ericsson mobile phones, to complement the inter-frame when viewing one-segment “Flow Motion Lite with the technology, you can enjoy smooth video with little sense of afterimage seg.

One-Seg broadcasts Live Play next screen (full screen playback) is valid only when.

Sample Volume IPX5/7 to achieve performance equivalent to the water, now you can enjoy music and video in some places, such as water and moisture. In addition, Sony’s Blu-ray Disc to transfer video recorded on a mobile phone hard “Odekake transfer” By supporting it, go to your favorite video, bathroom, kitchen and we like to watch the scene as can be, AV mobile life will improve further.

IPX5 is a degree of protection for the jet, about 3m from a distance of approximately 12.5l/min water injection conditions for more than three minutes to hold the waterproof phone also features a water-jet nozzle from any direction. IPX7 has accumulated a depth of water at room temperature in the tank about 1m magnitude of protection against flooding and to leave 30 minutes and waterproof to retain its function as a phone.

514-megapixel camera with auto-focus effect, “Bravia” postcards, “Bravia” × MY slides and video, for a variety of features to enjoy more photos. In addition, Bluetooth® function and evolution, enabled headset, sold separately and will be able to use the volume control in conjunction with mobile phone is equipped with features various functions.

If you use music and one-segment and are unlikely to experience choppy sound EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) enabled headset is recommended.


1) A more beautiful and smoother videos. Incorporating many of Sony Ericsson’s unique imaging technology and features

Jointly developed by Sony Corporation and Sony Ericsson “Mobairuburabiaenjin” chip. This improves contrast, edge enhancement, saturation and can be expanded to about three in Inchifuruwaido LCD VGA and one-segment “Odekake transfer” videos, LISMO Video that you can enjoy sharp image quality and vivid .

Seg 15 images per second, frames per second up to 30 frames to complement the “Flow Motion Lite” chip. Can be up to two times the number of frames, a sense of persistence of vision is reduced, more “Mobairuburabiaenjin” to join in, the picture becomes more smooth and vibrant.

You can set the output, according to the image and sound quality. The quality is a “sports”, “movie” and seven kinds of speech are “news”, “music”, etc. You can choose from eight. Audio settings “bathroom” and that is possible to watch a clear voice in the bathroom, which tends to echo the sound.

Quality/audio output settings change is effective only in Live One-Seg broadcasts received state.

“Bathroom” is a mode for speaker output only.

Power consumption is reduced, and that prolonged viewing mode, can be about a full charge 5 hours of continuous viewing one-segment.

Long-viewing mode ON, set subtitles OFF, volume “10”, when measured next to watch full screen.

2) Waterproof, “Odekake transfer” of the rich variety of situations in life compatible AV

Atatsu not flooded, but the rain and jet shower and IPX5 directly, and not flooded and submerged in 1m depth of water equivalent to IPX7 waterproof grade been realized. Such as bathroom or kitchen, you can also enjoy high-quality video and music where the moisture or water in various scenes of life will improve AV.

Waterproof protection IPX5/IPX7 (Old JIS grade), but features a waterproof equivalent, which is not completely waterproof guarantee. Key operation in wet conditions is beyond the scope IPX5/IPX7 mobile phone waterproof. Supplied AC power adapter and desktop holder is waterproof specification. The target of the fresh water of room temperature water is tap water.

To transfer camcorder footage on video content recorded on a hard drive or Sony’s Blu-ray Disc, to liberate “Odekake transfer” support. Video 30 frames per second to display frame rate of 30fps and support, you can watch videos on the go smooth and easy to see. Also, find the program using a mobile phone capable of Blu-ray Disc recording for your home now “fast search program” are also supported.

Quickly find video content, “Video Viewer” corresponds to the recorded video and one-segment “Odekake transfer” videos, LISMO Video and other data displayed in one single application. Data acquisition date is displayed chronologically clarity of content for each destination.

In addition to play, play and jump Hayami, 10 seconds, you can skip ahead 30 seconds “skip function” with. Also, you can watch the show from the audience continued to go in the middle Sony Burudisukurekoda “resume playback” also included.

Wansegukontentsu recorded, up to nine times a microSD and microSDHC memory card can be copied to the “dubbing 10” support.

3) Enable 514-megapixel camera and “BRAVIA” picture postcard beautiful and more fun

Image stabilization, auto-focus with effective megapixel camera with a 514.

And detected faces automatically during shooting, conduct focus and brightness adjustment “face detection” capabilities. Turns off automatically when it detects a smile shutter “smile detection Photographer” are also supported.

“Photo Viewer” feature lets you save the photos on display in the order “Timeline” to find useful and “List” support.

Download the pictures taken, “Chaku-Uta Full®” auto-play music while BGM and preset to “slide show with music” support. It also automatically detects a face from the photos, so you can not view “feature Feisufuremingu” and calendar effects, and photos can be displayed simultaneously, and also with Dejitarufotofuremumodo.

TV connected to the Internet, Sony “Bravia” to use features that can send pictures and messages Buroguappu “Bravia” post cards. imple things you can send photos from cell phones to family members far away.

The combination of tailored templates, pictures and themes, you can easily create high-quality video slide “MY Videos Slide” support.  Slide video created by Sony’s “BRAVIA” I submit to enjoy the big screen.

4) Wireless substantial, various useful features such as e-mail

Further evolution Bluetooth® capabilities. If you use the headset, sold separately, you can adjust the volume from the phone.

Watches, pedometer, calorie and other information you can check the organic EL display uses a sub, but rotation about two and convenience features the world’s thinnest waterproof mobile phone axis seg 16.7mm slim design achieved.

Decoration emoticons, 3,000 shares preset. It is categorized, you can choose from a smooth fit for the purpose emoticons. In addition, E-mail and decorations created by the integration of new e-mail menu, you can now more easily create e-mail decoration.

High-speed, large capacity microSDHC memory card capable of data transfer (up to 16GB) is now supported.

In addition to the Gothic, “Gothic width”, “Ming” is now available in three fonts from the font selected.

GLOBAL PASSPORT CDMA, are compatible.

Main Specifications

  • Product: BRAVIA® Phone U1
  • Size: Approximately about 111 × width 50 × height of about 16.7 mm thick
  • Mass: Approximately 141g
  • Talk time: Approximately 240 minutes
  • Standby time: 260 hours (counter set ON) about 270 hours (counter set OFF)
  • Main Display
  • Type: Transmissive TFT LCD 26 corresponds to approximately million colors. Full wide VGA
  • Dots: 480 × 854 dots (H × V)
  • Size: Approximately 3.0 inches
  • Sub Display
  • Type: Organic EL
  • Dots: 128 × 36 dots (horizontal × vertical)
  • Size: Approximately 1.1 inches
  • Camera Type
  • Sensor type: CMOS
  • Camera Effective Pixels: 514 megapixels
  • Autofocus: Yes
  • Data folder capacity: About 360MB
  • External memory: microSD, microSDHC memory card (up to 16GB)
  • E-mail transmission capacity BOX: 500 cases or about 1.8MB
  • E-mail received capacity BOX: Approximately 1,000 or 3.1MB
  • Input function: PO Box Pro 3.0E
  • LISMO (Music/ Video/Book)
  • Infrared
  • au Smart Sport (for calorie counters)
  • Maruchipureitasuku features
  • EX EZ News
  • Secure lock service
  • EZ Navi Walk, EZ Navi passenger seat, EZ Guide Map, safe navigation, disaster Navigation
  • EZ “Chaku-Uta®, EZ “Chaku-Uta Full®”, EZ “Chaku Uta Full Plus™”
  • EZ Appli (BREW®)
  • Emergency Earthquake
  • Anime decoration
  • EZ · FM
  • Bluetooth®
  • Seg
  • EZ FeliCa®
  • EZ Channel Plus
  • Jibun Bank
  • Nakachen
  • PC Document Viewer
  • Colors: Red, Black Sapphire, Gold

BRAVIA® Phone U1″ product information page

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