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Sebagaimana pernah kutulis di sini beberapa hari lalu, selain BRAVIA® Phone U1 Sony Ericsson bekerja sama dengan au KDDI Jepang juga merilis URBANO BARONE dan S002.

Kali ini akan kutulis kembali tentang Sony Ericsson URBANO BARONE yang diambil dari sini.

Combines the design, large easy to press keys and separate screen for easy viewing. Mobile use because every day means everything to the ease of use.

In addition, to gain both the beauty and ease of use, offered a polished and detailed design.

Pedometer app “MyWalk app TM” and to liberate the video “Odekake forward”, including a number of features suitable Ketairaifu Emashita active in the active adult.

For adults seeking high quality design and ease of use for sale


Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ltd. (HQ: Minato-ku, Tokyo President: Nakai Kazuo) is time, the screen is comfortable, easy-listening speech quality, and ease of use and easy to type e-mail creation, quality The design features URBANO BARONE (Barone Albano) Develops, KDDI Corporation, will begin delivery to Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company.

URBANO BARONE is the screen readability by allowing high visibility Gurafikarumenyu and font selection, character input easier by adopting a large easy to press keys, a voice call capabilities and high-frequency correction and easy to listen to, for adults “usability” has been realized.

Sinuous curves and shapes, with three-dimensional cross-key layout and edgy sense of the dialing keys and Matt in the ring as an accent to the hinge of the opening and are designed to achieve high quality .

Sub-organic EL display by adopting a clear and beautiful displays information such as time and call.

Substantial “Health & Sport features” are also features. Sony Ericsson’s own pedometer app “MyWalk Apps ™” with.

Content has been enhanced, increasing the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction of walking every day.

The au Smart Sports “calorie counter”, “Karada Manager” is also supported.

Seg, enabled with auto-focus camera with 514 million pixels.

Can transfer recorded shows to mobile phones made by Sony in Blu-ray Disc “Odekake transfer”, URBANO BARONE photos taken with a Sony TV “BRAVIA” can be sent to the “Bravia” to post cards and you can enjoy videos and photos from various functions.

Main Specifications

  • Product: URBANO BARONE (Barone Albano)
  • Size: Height of approximately 108 × width 50 × about the thickness of about 16.3mm (provisional)
  • Mass: Approximately 130g (provisional)
  • Talk time: (Under consideration)
  • Standby time: (Under consideration)
  • Main Display
    • Type: Transmissive TFT LCD up to approximately 26 million colors Wide VGA full equivalent
    • Dots: 480 × 854 dots (H × V)
    • Size: Approximately 3.0 inches
  • Sub Display
    • Type: Organic EL
    • Dots: 128 × 36 dots (horizontal × vertical)
    • Size: Approximately 0.9 inches
  • Camera Type
    • Sensor type: CMOS
    • Camera Effective Pixels: 514 megapixels
    • Autofocus
  • Data folder capacity: About 360MB
  • External memory: microSD (maximum 2GB) / microSDHC (up to 16GB)
  • E-mail transmission capacity BOX: 500 cases or about 1.8MB
  • E-mail received capacity BOX: 1000, or about 3.1MB Results
  • Input function: POBox Pro 3.0E
  • LISMO (Music/Video/Book)
  • Infrared
  • au Smart Sports (for calorie counters)
  • Multitasking
  • EZ News
  • Secure lock service
  • EZ Navi Walk, EZ Navi passenger seat, EZ Guide Map, safe navigation, disaster Navigation
  • EZ “Chaku-Uta Full®, EZ “Chaku-Uta Full Plus™
  • EZ Appli (BREW®)
  • Emergency Earthquake
  • Anime decoration
  • Bluetooth®
  • Seg
  • EZ FeliCa
  • EZ Channel Plus
  • Jibun Bank
  • Nakachen
  • PC document viewer
  • Colors: Premium Black, Gureisufurupinku, Ragujuarioribu
  • The semiconductor product is extracted from the prototype machine used for the purpose of evaluation and evaluation during development of mobile phones and recycling of gold is used. (One of the total amount of gold contained in this product, the proportion of gold is a play about 1%.)
  1. Locky Holmes says:

    how about the price?? I wanna buy it… tapi saya tidak tahu tempatnya di indonesia, khususnya jakarta yang menjual barang impor ini… bisa minta info?? thx

  2. Will says:

    how can i buy this in china?? can i unlock the trial ??? how much the price??

  3. geo says:

    the price and can i using the phone in indonesia??without restrart??

  4. JJ says:

    No, this phone is for Japanese network only

  5. hao says:

    price ¥40.000
    sell only in japan

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