Sony Ericsson “The Super Fit” S002

Posted: 25 October 2009 in Sony Ericsson

Ini adalah bagian terakhir lanjutan dari tulisan sebelumnya: 3 Ponsel Jepang (au KDDI) terbaru dari Sony Ericsson: Urbano Barone, S002, dan Bravia U1 setelah Sony Ericsson BRAVIA® Phone U1 dan Sony Ericsson URBANO BARONE.

The Super Fit S002


And one-segment “GLOBAL PASSPORT GSM” but a variety of features such as compact size provide about 47mm wide. Was integrated seamlessly with the body on the back cover and battery Obita a rounded shape to fit the gentle hands of women.


Services available to mobile communications standards in the world “GSM” support. Just change the setting even when traveling abroad, call EZweb · C-Mail E-mail can easily use the PC site viewer.


Be loved in the world, “Miffy” preset content.  the rich variation of the Smiley 100 and 1,600 each type * type of “decoration pictures” “Templates” which has improved features including more fun with the daily mail.

GLOBAL PASSPORT GSM with various functions such as “the world’s smallest” Wanseguketai S002

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ltd. (HQ: Minato-ku, Tokyo President: Nakai Kazuo) is this time, “the world’s smallest” Develops Wanseguketai of S002, KDDI Corporation, Okinawa Cellular Telephone Co. will start to deliver.

S002 is the world’s smallest Wanseguketai, width 47mm × height 99mm compact size while providing passport Seg and global GSM, effective pixel camera with auto focus and 319 million, with a variety of functions .

In addition, have easy, round shape and get fit, dial keys and arranged to adopt the key apart one by one, and achieve a compact yet easy to use.

The front panel, and the incoming time, to match the colors of each incoming email and displays beautifully.

The PSP® “PlayStation Portable” of the popular software “TALKMAN®” mobile version of “TalkManFlash” and “calculator” global, such as domestic and overseas useful tools you use and fun “GlobalAssort” are equipped with.

1,600 shares of “Smiley Decoration”, and 100 of each type “decoration picture”, “template”, such as preset email decoration material wealth.

More beloved around the world, “Miffy” is the preset content.

Expressive e-mail, you can feel free to create.


1) “The world’s smallest” user-friendly Wanseguketai & Design

  • Wanseguketai, as the “world’s smallest (*)” size, width 47mm × height 99mm realized.
  • Obita, rounded shape, the body together as a seamless back panel and battery cover is designed to get fit.
  • Such as dial keys, numeric keys, which are placed one by one apart, easy to hit, and supports reliable input.
  • And the rear LCD screen is open, busy, on the screen without touching the cheek, has adopted an open style with a dirt resistant.
  • Body, according to three different colors, “Clock Display / Illumination”, “icon Notice”, time to let us know in the glowing reception of incoming mail and telephone.
  • “Illumination” is in conjunction with the address book, where people can catch the set on each group Shimonaka let you know your opponent and receive incoming mail.
  • Registered in your profile, your birthday is a special illumination shines.

2) Passport Global GSM support, domestic and overseas to enjoy the convenience features

  • CDMA 1X WIN, as well as the communication method that is widely used overseas to support GSM, 192 countries and regions can be a voice call.
  • Tools, domestic and overseas to enjoy the “GlobalAssort” is equipped with.
  • Screen and sound, the statement can be found in commonly used overseas conversations PSP® “PlayStation” popular software “TALKMAN ®” mobile version of “TalkManFlash” chip. English, Chinese, the French are preset to three languages. In addition, German, and Sony Ericsson’s official website Italian “PlayNow” by Sony Ericsson can be downloaded from.
  • The world’s currency, length, and easily calculate the unit area, can be converted “global calculator” and can be displayed simultaneously in two time “Tsuinpuranettokurokku” and features.
  • Useful while traveling abroad, “Haipaaramu” features. Time will tell us by the loud sound and vibrate only. Traveling and jet lag, weak support for those who wake up in the morning.

3) e-mail materials and rich decoration, “POBox Pro 3.0E” rich features such as e-mail

  • Emoticons rich decoration, 1,600 types of variation preset. Affluent mail look, you can feel free to create.
  • Beloved in the world, “Miffy” Mail decoration material (template Smiley decoration decoration picture) preset.
  • “Picture decoration”, “template” for each type of 100 presets each. Decoration can easily create e-mail. The birthday template, such as English and Chinese are available in eight languages.
  • Emoticons to express, together with the words you enter “emoticons phrase” is aware.
  • Predictive capabilities, “POBox Pro 3.0E” with. We also support predictive input in English.

4) Other useful features

  • With auto-focus effect with a 319-megapixel camera. And choose according to the shooting mode, can automatically adjust the optimal settings “Scene Selection” is equipped with.
  • Sony Erikusonorijinarudezain Ketaiarenji · EZ’s “Sky” preset. Weather forecast in conjunction with EZ News Flash, sunny, cloudy, and displays the standby screen image of the sky and rain. The more time, changes the look of the sky appears.
  • PC document viewer, PC site viewer with.
  • Desktop accessories holder, integrated stereo speakers and large diameter. Charging while you can enjoy high quality stereo sound.
  • Sony’s art project, “Canvas @ Sony (Sony at canvas)” is still designed for standby for the three participating artists are preset.

Main Specifications

  • Product: S002
  • Size: Approximately about 99 × width 47 × height of about 18.7 mm thick
  • Mass: Approximately 113 g
  • Talk time: Approximately 220 minutes (GSM mode when you set up: about 160 minutes)
  • Standby time: Approximately 310 hours (GSM mode when setting: 260 hours)
  • Main Display
    • Type: Transmissive TFT LCD up to approximately 6.5 million color QVGA wide-track equivalent
    • Dots: 240 × 432 dots (H × V)
    • Size: Approximately 2.7 inches
  • Camera Type
    • Sensor type: CMOS
    • Camera Effective Pixels: 319 megapixels
    • Autofocus
  • Data folder capacity: 70MB or approximately 2,000 cases
  • External memory: microSD (maximum 2GB)
  • E-mail transmission capacity BOX: 2MB or about 500 cases
  • E-mail received capacity BOX: Approximately 1,000 or 4MB
  • Input function: 0E POBox Pro 3.0E
  • LISMO Music
  • Infrared
  • au Smart Sports
  • News EZ EX (Web Edition)
  • Secure lock service
  • EZ Navi Walk, EZ Navi passenger seat, EZ Guide Map, safe navigation, disaster Navigation: EZ “Chaku-Uta®”, EZ “Chaku-Uta Full®”
  • EZ Appli (BREW®)
  • Emergency Earthquake
  • EZ FeliCa
  • EZ Channel Plus
  • Jibun Bank
  • PC document viewer
  • Colors: Pureshasupinku, Pearl White, Dipuneibi

“S002” product information page

  1. benjie says:

    Can we use the Sony Ericsson “The Super Fit” S002 in the Philippines using Globe or
    Smart Sim card? thanks.

  2. ronnie says:

    ask kulang kung pwede ba magamit ang phone dito sa pinas at gamit ang pinas na sim card

  3. steven says:

    how do i unlock the UC locked as shown on the phone ?
    I have inserted 012 sim and it wont work ?why ?

    And advise will be appreciated.

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