Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X10 Akan Diedarkan Awal April Di Jepang Oleh NTT DOCOMO

Posted: 24 January 2010 in Candybar, News, Sony Ericsson, Touchscreen, XPERIA
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Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X10, smartphone dengan OS Android pertama dari Sony Ericsson, akan diedarkan di Jepang mulai bulan April 2010. Untuk memasarkan handphone ini, Sony Ericsson bekerja sama dengan operator selular terbesar di Jepang, NTT DOCOMO, menandai kembalinya kerja sama antara dua perusahaan ini setelah beberapa bulan vakum.

Seperti sudah diketahui, handphone-handphone yang beredar di Jepang diwajibkan untuk dijual dengan sistem bundling dengan operator tertentu, dengan penamaan khusus mengikuti sistem penamaan yang ditentukan oleh operator tersebut. Untuk NTT DOCOMO, Sony Ericsson memiliki index khusus “SO”. Demikian juga dengan Xperia™ X10, dalam peredarannya di Jepang nanti, namanya akan diubah menjadi DOCOMO Smartphone Xperia™ SO-01B.

Rencana untuk memasarkan Xperia™ X10 di Jepang ini diumumkan secara resmi oleh Sony Ericsson dan NTT DOCOMO melalui press release yang dilakukan di Tokyo pada tanggal 21 Januari 2010 yang lalu.

Sony Ericsson Xperia™ Introduces an Integrated World of Communication and Entertainment with NTT DOCOMO

21 January 2010

Tokyo, Japan – January 21, 2010 – Sony Ericsson today announces that it is strengthening its portfolio by launching Xperia™ (SO-01B) with NTT DOCOMO,INC. in Japan in April 2010. This Xperia™ phone builds on top of the Open OS Android platform and creates a unique Sony Ericsson user experience by combining best-in-class entertainment features with signature applications.

Signature applications Mediascape and Timescape™ let users organise everything in their phone in an intuitive way:

  • Sony Ericsson Mediascape is the smart way to get all the music, photos and videos you want from your favourite friends and artists. It accesses content from everywhere – your phone, YouTube™, PlayNow™ – and presents everything for you
  • Sony Ericsson Timescape™ manages all your communication with one person in one place.  Browse through your conversations the bright way to check out your Facebook™, Twitter™, photos, emails, and texts all in one go

The Xperia™ phone also includes an 8.1MP camera, intelligent face recognition features and the new “infinite button” which guides you through the connected world, aggregating all your interactions with one person into one view.

Mr. Kiyohito Nagata, Senior Vice President, Managing Director of Product Department of NTT DOCOMO said, “NTT DOCOMO is creating a new communication culture combining mobile phones and services. Xperia™ offers a totally new communication entertainment experience that goes beyond users’ expectations and so we are delighted to be adding this new product into our product portfolio.”

Bert Nordberg, President, Sony Ericsson said, ‘Japan is a hugely important market for Sony Ericsson and we are honored and happy to introduce this phone to Japanese users in the most advanced mobile market in the world. With the Xperia™ Phone we are taking a step towards realising our strategy to become the communication entertainment brand by introducing entertainment-rich phones that make communication more playful and multiply and enrich opportunities to connect.”

The Xperia™ Phone for NTT DOCOMO comes with stereo headset and 16GB microSD.

Xperia™ SO-01B at a glance:

  • Sony Ericsson Mediascape;  the smart way to get all the music, photos and videos in intuitive way
  • Sony Ericsson Timescape™ and “advanced” social phonebook to manage all your communication in one view and
  • Intelligence capabilities like infinite button and face recognition function , integrated into Mediascape and Timescape™ to let you discover more in truly open way
  • High quality photo communication feature, with 8.1 megapixel AF camera
  • 1GHz CPU, 4.0 inch wideVGA LCD/ Full touch, WiFi, HSUPA
  • Flexible UI and Japanese word prediction system POBox Touch 1.0
  • Human curvature design and form

The SO-O1B is the Japanese version of the Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X10.

DOCOMO to Launch Xperia Handset in Japanese Market

TOKYO, JAPAN, January 21, 2010 – NTT DOCOMO, INC. today unveiled its docomo Smartphone Xperia™, manufactured by Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications and known as the Xperia™ X10 in markets outside Japan, which is scheduled to go on sale in Japan this April.

Built on the open Android operating system and powered by a fast 1GHz CPU, the Docomo Smartphone Xperia™ with 4.0-inch touchscreen is a brand-new entertainment machine for enjoying intelligent mobile communication, web browsing, music and other media.

The Docomo Smartphone Xperia™ features Mediascape, a Sony Ericsson signature application for intuitive organization of music, photos and videos. If the new “infinite button” is pressed while playing a song, Mediascape searches for all content related to the artist across a broad range of media, both in-phone and online, such as music, videos and information.

Another signature Sony Ericsson application, Timescape™, intuitively organizes communication histories with each individual and provides quick mobile access to the user’s favorite means of communication. When the “infinite button” is pressed, Timescape™ presents one convenient view of all interactions with an individual, such as voice, e-mail (configuration required), Twitter™, Facebook™ and mixi™, a popular social network service in Japan. The phonebook also synchronizes with postings on Twitter and Facebook.

The Docomo Smartphone Xperia™ is compatible with FOMA™ HIGH-SPEED, DOCOMO’s HSUPA/HSDPA data-communication service for extra-fast 2.0 Mbps uplinks and 7.2 Mbps downlinks (theoretical maximums). It also is equipped for Wi-Fi®, uploading videos and photos to YouTube™ and Picasa™, and downloading applications from Android Market™, allowing users to co-create an experience that is entirely unique to them. Google services such as Google search, Google Maps™ and Gmail™ are preloaded.

The Docomo Smartphone Xperia™ comes with POBox™ Touch 1.0, Sony Ericsson’s unique predictive text-input system for Japanese and English. The phone intelligently predicts words and then highlights the next key for quicker, easier input.

The Docomo Smartphone Xperia™ intelligently recognizes up to five faces from photos stored in the phonebook and automatically tags faces in photos taken with the handset’s 8.1-megapixel camera. The user can make phone calls or send emails to an individual by simply touching their tag in a photo.

Coinciding with the Docomo Smartphone Xperia™ launch, “docomo market” will start up as a new mobile web portal for smartphone users. The portal will introduce recommended content and applications, including original offerings from DOCOMO, to help smartphone users in Japan discover new mobile experiences.

Docomo Smartphone Xperia™

docomo Smartphone Xperia™

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    greats and also unique phone, but ill have to wait this phone to came to my country

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