Pengontrol Baru untuk PlayStation® 3 dengan Sensor Gerakan: PlayStation® Move

Posted: 13 March 2010 in Sony
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Playstation Move

Segera hadir… Controller baru untuk PlayStation® 3 yang diaktifkan dengan sensor gerakan (motion controller), yang diberi nama PlayStation® Move.

Bagi penggemar PlayStation®, kedatangan produk terbaru dari Sony ini tentunya akan semakin menambah keasyikan dalam bermain game kegemarannya.

Meskipun produk dan harganya belum dirilis secara resmi, tai diperkirakan tidak akan melebihi $100, berarti sekitar Rp 1 jutaan atau kurang.

Kutipan dari PlayStation Blog:

Introducing PlayStation Move

PlayStation Move

We first showed the ‘Move’ controller prototype at E3 in 2009 and we’re now ready with the final design, along with an early look at just a few of the upcoming games…

Our launch games are designed to appeal to all PlayStation 3 fans. We’ve got our own take on social games such as ‘Sports Champions’ and ‘Move Party’ (both working titles) as well as keeping our more serious gamers in mind with DUKES and EA’s Tiger Woods 2010. Many of our existing franchises such as SOCOM will also be enhanced with PlayStation Move functionality – because of Move’s low performance impact on the PS3 system we’re able to add this to our existing games without compromising graphical quality or gameplay. The PlayStation Move experience will offer our players a fun, high definition and immersive gaming experience.

You will be able to get involved with PlayStation Move in several ways:

  • Camera + controller (including a “starter disc” with a range of demos for games releasing later in the year)
  • A single controller for people who already have a PlayStation Eye camera
  • A full console pack which includes PS3, dualshock3, Move controller + camera
  • Finally some of our biggest games will be available with a Move controller included

We’ve also announced the Subcontroller this week, an additional peripheral for use with more hardcore titles like SOCOM, which benefit from analogue stick input.

Move is one of our big priorities for PlayStation 3 in Europe this year so look out for our ads and product updates.

Kutipan dari Yahoo! Games:

Sony’s motion controller named ‘Playstation Move’, priced under $100

Playstation Move

During an event at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, the company officially unveiled the name of their upcoming Playstation 3 motion control device: Playstation Move. The controller will hit shelves this fall.

“It’s fast, precise and accurate,” said Peter Dille, Sony’s senior VP of marketing. “We like to think this is the next generation of motion-gaming…we’re really approaching this as a platform launch.”

Sony’s response to the Nintendo Wii remote, the Playstation Move system requires both the new wand controller and the Playstation Eye camera to work. Though exact pricing has not been set, Sony confirmed that a “starter kit” of one controller, one Playstation Eye and one game will be sold for under $100. The Move will also be sold as a standalone product or bundled with the Playstation 3 system itself.

The Move packs a ton of tech into its slim controller. A three-axis gyroscope, a three-axis accelerometer and a magnetic field sensor work in tandem with the camera to purportedly provide more accurate spatial recognition than the Wii remote.

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