Sony Ericsson Xperia™ Play Akhirnya Diperkenalkan Secara Resmi… Melalui Sebuah Iklan Di Acara Super Bowl…!!! Android Is Ready To Play…!!!

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Setelah sekian lama hanya berstatus rumor − meskipun sudah sangat banyak beredar photo, video, dan preview-nya − Xperia™ Play akhirnya secara resmi diperkenalkan oleh Sony Ericsson. Pengenalan perdana Xperia™ Play ini dilakukan melalui sebuah iklan di jeda acara Super Bowl di Amerika Serikat pada hari Minggu, 6 Februari 2011 kemarin. Pengumuman resmi melalui press release seperti biasanya memang belum dilakukan, tetapi jadwal press release sudah ditentukan, yaitu tanggal 13 Februari 2011 jam 18:00 GMT.

Pengumuman akan adanya iklan tersebut sebelumnya ditulis sebagai pada Sony Ericsson Facebook Page sehari sebelumnya yang berbunyi: “We’re really looking forward to all the excitement this Sunday… are you?”

Kemudian menjelang adanya jeda iklan pada acara Super Bowl, page yang sama menampilkan status sebagai berikut: “So who do you think will win the game today? Keep your eyes peeled for the ad breaks where you might see something truly exciting…”

Dan akhirnya setelah iklan tersebut tayang, page yang sama membuat jadwal untuk event pengumuman resmi, yaitu tanggal 13 Februari 2011 jam 18:00 waktu GMT, serta mengganti statusnya menjadi “Android is ready to play…”

Kemudian video iklannya pun di-share di page tersebut: “Have you been watching the game? Ready for a little more play? Take things to the next level…”

Dan status terakhir page tersebut masih menampilkan share ke video iklan yang sama: “Are you a fan of mobile gaming? There’s about to be a revolution… are you ready for the next level?”

Silakan klik link-link berikut untuk masuk ke Sony Ericsson Facebook Page:

Photo-photo Sony Ericsson Xperia™ Play


Tentang Video Iklan Xperia™ Play

Berikut ini saya kutip dari Esato News informasi mengenai biaya iklan dan juga arti dari iklan Xperia Play tersebut.

The Xperia Play is official. It is not announced, but the Super Bowl TV commercial made it official

The cost of a 30 second advertisment at the Super Bowl was 2.6 million US dollar in 2010. This year a 30 second spot was charged 2.8 to 3 million by Fox Broadcasting. We think the Xperia Play ad itself is special. It one of those you’ll remember. But what is the purpose of the ad?

Search Engine Land have some thoughtfull comments about the Xperia Play ad:

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play ad simply said “join us on Facebook”. Join who? The Sony Ericsson page? The Xperia page? Is there a specific Xperia Play page? Google isn’t much help, ranking an event page (of the launch?), a UK page with no activity, and a forum post. Searching Facebook itself for the right page requires me to be logged in (there goes over half the audience who either don’t have accounts or can’t be bothered to log in) and once I do, I don’t get any of the results I found from Google, but instead two other results that don’t appear to be owned by Sony Ericsson.

How many Xperia Play phones must be sold in the U.S (where they have seen this ad) to justify the spending of 2.8 million US dollar? 200.000 devices? More? The YouTube video clip at the bottom of this article is 1.05 minutes long. We have earlier seen a 30 second version which could have been the one shown on TV.

Again, we will be at the Official announcement in Barcelona on February 13th and give you more details about the Xperia Play.

Tentang Super Bowl

Untuk mengetahui apa itu Super Bowl, silakan masuk ke situs NGL Super Bowl.

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