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Sony Ericsson & Saab partner for smart In-Car User Experience

06 October 2008

Bringing their partnership a step further at the Paris Motor Show, Sony Ericsson and Saab have developed a future looking connectivity application for the Xperia™ X1, putting the world premiere 9-X Air concept car at the fingertips of the mobile user.

Paris, October 2, 2008 – Sony Ericsson and Saab join forces to bring in-car user experience a step further. Combining the best of two worlds – mobile telecommunications and automotive industry – the two innovative companies work hand in hand to provide smart solutions and forward thinking technology to convenient in-car communications and responsible driving.

Using mobiles while driving must both follow the local legislation and offer a convenient way to stay in touch while on the move. By working openly with General Motors and particularly Saab, and providing a complete portfolio of car accessories, Sony Ericsson puts consumers in the driving seat and optimizes the in-car user experience –

During the Paris Motor Show, people will be able to enjoying the progressive Scandinavian design both through the advanced Saab car model lines and with the latest announced Sony Ericsson phone models and accessories.

Several Saab 9-3, 9-5 and 9-X models featured with either Sony Ericsson car accessories (including the recently announced Bluetooth™ Car Speakerphone HCB-108) or fully integrated onboard systems will provide visitors with a premium in-car user experience for Bluetooth handsfree telephony. With a superior audio quality, those complementary solutions offer people to stay in touch with friends, colleagues and family while on the move. Drivers can browse through their phonebook, answer or make calls while keeping their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.

Making the most of the Bluetooth technology, Sony Ericsson and Saab also work on future development for advanced communications between mobile phones and cars. For its world premiere at the Paris Motor Show, the Saab 9-X Air will be showcased with highly developed connectivity. Some of the car features will be remotely controlled by the Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X1, providing a premium mobile user experience through its unique customisable touchscreen panels:

  • Control ambient lightning
  • Control front and rear seat settings
  • Lock the car
  • Open the rear compartment
  • Switch on and off the lights (blinkers, main lights…)

Demonstrations will be available upon request during the Press days.